Thursday, February 26, 2015

Entity Framework 7 - EF7

Entity Framework is the popular ORM framework from Microsoft.  EF7 is the next major version of Entity Framework and is still in the early stages of development and it supports Windows Store, Windows Phone and the Cloud Optimized .NET well as Mono, on both Mac and Linux, In EF7 Microsoft will be enabling providers that target non-relational data stores, such as Azure Table Storage.

EF7 will be a lightweight and extensible version of Entity Framework that just pulls forward the commonly used features. In addition, we’ll be able to include some commonly requested features that would have been difficult to implement in the existing code base, but can be included from the start in EF7.

We’ll be keeping the same patterns and concepts that you are used to in Entity Framework, except where there is a compelling reason to change them. You’ll see the same DbContext/DbSet based API but it will be built over building block components that are easy to replace or extend as needed – the same pattern we’ve used for some of the isolated components we’ve added in recent EF releases.

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