Saturday, July 4, 2020

Export to Excel using OpenXml

Some situations we need to export data in Excel format. I had such situation couple of years back and I created a repository in my bitbucket account.

I thought it may be help for some one who is looking for same kind of solution while programming.

Here is the repository url 

for Git Clone
git clone

This includes there project. One model Library, One Service Library and a MVC project. 

Basically we can plug  List data in to it and download it as Excel document 

   public FileContentResult Download() {

            List> listOfSheets = new List>() {
                    new ExcelSheet() {
                     Records =Data.GetProducts(),
                     SheetName = "ProductList 1"
                 new ExcelSheet() {
                     Records =Data.GetProducts(),
                     SheetName = "ProductList 2"

            var excelBytes = _iExcelWriterService.GetExcelInBytes(listOfSheets);
            var fileName = string.Format("{0}_{1}.xlsx",
                                      "Products_", DateTime.Now.ToString("MMddyyyyHHmmssfff"));
            return excelBytes != null ? File(excelBytes,
                                              fileName) : null;

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